Calgary Breweries: How They Grew To Be An Industry

Back in the nineties, the competition between large beer brands has become so tight. It was the era of the non-stop parties that paved the way for the establishments of the most respected of beer brands today. And yet, not a lot of people recognize that apart from the big brands that became so popular during that time, the small breweries Calgary came about. Micro-breweries as they were popularly called has brought newer, better options for many party people who loved to drink.

Calgary craft beer became the name that paved the way to small producers of beer with higher alcohol content. The industry, back then, was starting to gain their market share. Calgary micro-breweries only offered innovative and exciting beer options. Because they name suggests that these industries are smaller compared to the huge established companies, the term that was previously associated with it remained attached to it until today.

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The primary reason why despite the growth of these breweries through Calgary brewery tours their name remained the same, the size of the companies producing them remained the same. They kept hold of the attachment that they had of what was small. They marketed their beer as if it never grew big or that it has not reached a lot of drinkers. And yet compared to a lot of other beer brands these breweries kept their size small and they love it.

Second, these microbreweries opt to keep their production small to remain part of the small breweries circle. The production was done every day, but it was kept to a minimum. The term micro could no longer be applied to a lot of the companies because their market reach has become far more reaching, and yet their productions remained the same and their offering remained limited.

Because a lot of drinkers have fallen in love with beers produced by small-scale producers, their popularity grew thus it gave birth to its new name, craft beer. The term craft beer fit such types of drinks perfectly because each type was carefully manufactured and crafted to fit the taste of their ideal drinkers. Every craft brewer would say that they may be small and independent, but theirs is of traditional in nature.

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Whenever you wonder why a lot of small breweries kept to their small state despite popularity, you should think of how much attention they’re getting because they are small. They remained small because they are loyal to the craft of traditionally creating beer.

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