Craft Beer Calgary: Top Reasons Why Should Drink It

What do you know about Calgary, Alberta craft beer? If you know very little to nothing about craft beer Calgary, you are missing out on a lot. The Calgary micro-breweries are small yet very independent companies that provide great-tasting beers at rates you can afford.

You might want to start counting how good these Calgary brewery tours are because you’re about to be taken for a magnificent world of craft beers and everything that it has to offer:

  • Calgary breweries produce great tasting beers. Compared to beer water or those that are mass produced, crafted beer offer better taste, considering that those experts who crafted them spent more time ensuring that it has a taste that will appeal to your senses.
  • Breweries Calgary definitely offers craft beer options that come with more alcohol content. Who would want to drink beer that tastes like water without the kick, right? Some craft beers are ever served with as much as 40% alcohol content – that would truly be a piece of heaven on earth!
  • Do you suffer from frequent trips to the bathroom when you drink regular beer? Thank heavens for craft beer because you no longer have to pee every ten minutes. Craft beer, because of its high alcohol content, will only make you drink a glass or two and you feel like you’ve drank enough.
  • Craft beer comes with more health benefits that you ever thought you could get out of a beer. In fact, some studies show that it is healthier than red wine. Every gulp comes with soluble fiber, Vitamin B and even antioxidants.
  • Perhaps the best thing about craft beer is that it comes in a wide variety of options. There are so many small-scare breweries in Calgary that picking which one to try can be quite a challenge. It is the kind of challenge that you’d like to take.Calgary Breweries,Calgary Beer,Calgary Brewery History,Calgary Brewery Jobs
  • And then you discover that every serving of craft beer comes at a much cheaper rate. Not only will it make you drink less but with the kick, but it allows you to spend less on it too.
Beer Calgary

Beer Calgary

Although the annual production of Micro-breweries Calgary is a lot smaller compared to those produced by large companies, they offer the same great experience in every gulp. What are you waiting for? You better get that craft beer today!

Minhas Micro Brewery Calgary
1314 44 Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6L6

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