Steps To Starting Mini-Micro Breweries In Calgary

Craft beers became a household name in the mid 1980s. In the early 1980s only twelve microbreweries started to produce quality craft beers. Today, that number is increasingly growing to an estimated 1,700 including Calgary Micro Breweries. Seeing these numbers implicates that  starting a mini-micro brewery is not bad at all. However it requires a lot of work and labor.

  1. Research laws on your area about the production of alcoholic beverages and opening microbrewery. In some places, producing of alcoholic drinks are highly regulated like traditional alcohol production and service businesses. If you intend to sell all your Calgary craft beer then you need to register with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.
  1. Selling craft beer in Calgary or in any other places is tough. Think of a unique name for your mini brewery. Not only that, also make important decision like the size of operation, types of beers to produce, location etc. Your decision can serve as basis to your comprehensive business structure, financing, building, renovating , licensing, insurance, analysis of the competition and marketing plan.
  1. Get the necessary permits and licenses to start selling Calgary craft beer in your mini brewery. This includes local business operations permit, license to sell alcohol and registration with revenue department to to pay taxes. You also need to register with the state comptroller to pay worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance for your employees.
  1. Purchase all the necessary equipment and raw materials for your microbrewery business. Materials for beer brewing should come first. Good deal of several equipment are required for brewing operation. You need to have at least two stainless steel or copper tanks, a heat source for the tank, fermentation cellar, filtering facilities, bottling and packaging equipment. Raw materials include, malted grain, yeast, hops, water and other flavorings.
  1. Unless you are doing it yourself, hire a brew master and 1 or 2 possible assistants. Begin brewing beers at least 90 to 180 days before opening your business to give yourself enough time to prepare.
  1. Think of the best marketing strategy to sell craft beers in Calgary. Follow the detailed  business plan to promote Calgary Microbreweries. Advertising and circulating the name of your business to the public is important before it opens.

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