Artprovides up-to-date authoritative information on endocrine modulation and endocrine disruptors and offers scientifically based opinion on reproductive and developmental health outcomes in humans including breast cancer, endometrial cancer, endometriosis, fecundity and fertility, spontaneous abortion, sex ratios, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, semen quality, male reproductive tract abnormalities, precocious puberty.and thyroid hormones.

Our site has been organized in various layers that provide easy-to-understand information for the non-expert public about environmental estrogens and hormonally active agents as well as more complex scientific data and an extensive bibliography to allow for further research on a subject of interest.

Our Mission to be an up-to-date information resource for endocrine disruption that is widely trusted, authoritative, and user-friendly

Our Vision to become the preferred source of information and commentary on this issue for members of the public, journalists, public-interest groups, and media commentators

Our Mandate to provide a specific focus on the human and animal health studies that seek to define the risks associated with endocrine disrupting substances

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