Artis an internet-based information resource about endocrine disrupting substances directed by a group of faculty at six Canadian universities (University of Guelph, McMaster University, University of Ottawa, Queen’s University, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan). Information for this site is researched and developed by a team of scientists and clinicians from universities, health care and government.
The project is based at the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, Institute for Population Health, University of Ottawa.

Project funding for Art is supplied through the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment. Major sponsors/funders are: NSERC and The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation.
The EM-COM project also derives some funding from both US industrial associations (American Chemistry Council) and Canadian industrial associations (Canadian Chemical Producers Association, Canadian Chlorine Coordinating Committee, Dupont Canada Inc and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association).

Sole responsibility for the content and direction of this project resides with the Project Team Leaders. No sponsor, funder, or any other party has reviewed or vetted in advance the material that appears on this site.