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Private Label Beers

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is very popular around the world.  Beer is believed to be the first type of alcoholic drink that was intentionally produced and distributed.  This alcoholic drink is believed to have been invented or discovered back in 9,500 B.C. or during the early Neolithic Period, the time when cereal was […]

Microbreweries and Craft Beer

Craft beers are becoming very popular as more and more people are getting bored of commercially-made beers.  Giant beer breweries release hundreds of tons of beers per year.  While their taste may be very palatable, they do become boring at times.  This is why a lot of people are now looking into craft beer as […]

Calgary Microbrewery Sales Strategies

Calgary craft beer is growing in popularity. However, microbreweries need to have marketing strategies to raise revenues. Winning the hearts of consumers does not always depend on producing quality craft beer especially with a tight competition. Creative Sales Strategies are important to leave a mark in a crowded market of beer brewing. Start by building […]

Steps To Starting Mini-Micro Breweries In Calgary

Craft beers became a household name in the mid 1980s. In the early 1980s only twelve microbreweries started to produce quality craft beers. Today, that number is increasingly growing to an estimated 1,700 including Calgary Micro Breweries. Seeing these numbers implicates that  starting a mini-micro brewery is not bad at all. However it requires a […]

Craft Beer Calgary: Top Reasons Why Should Drink It

What do you know about Calgary, Alberta craft beer? If you know very little to nothing about craft beer Calgary, you are missing out on a lot. The Calgary micro-breweries are small yet very independent companies that provide great-tasting beers at rates you can afford. You might want to start counting how good these Calgary […]

Calgary Breweries: How They Grew To Be An Industry

Back in the nineties, the competition between large beer brands has become so tight. It was the era of the non-stop parties that paved the way for the establishments of the most respected of beer brands today. And yet, not a lot of people recognize that apart from the big brands that became so popular […]

Calgary Breweries 101: How Beer Works

Brewing beer may seem difficult but it’s just a simple work for the brewer. It may look like a complicated art but the process of turning grains, water, yeast into beer is really simple. It’s because the real hard work is upon the yeast cells. Now you should know how the process starts. Every beer […]


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