Private Label Beers

minhasprivatelableBeer is an alcoholic beverage that is very popular around the world.  Beer is believed to be the first type of alcoholic drink that was intentionally produced and distributed.  This alcoholic drink is believed to have been invented or discovered back in 9,500 B.C. or during the early Neolithic Period, the time when cereal was first farmed.  The making of beer is very simple and that early people did not need any sophisticated equipment to make beer as all it takes to produce beer is the saccharification of starch and the fermenting of the resulting sugar.

Beer is an alcoholic beverage for the masses and many people just love drinking beer and that it is their more preferred type of alcoholic drink.  Beer today still remains the undisputed king of alcoholic beverages as it is the most widely produced, most widely purchased, and most widely consumed.  There are literally hundreds of pubs and bars that offer beer to the thirsty masses and is the very reason why beer has become a very profitable business, not just for the breweries, but also to those that sell this alcoholic drink for a living.

Although beer is very popular among the public and that nearly each country has its own bottling company that distributes beer, there are many that still do not know that there are high quality beers that are not mass produced.  These private label beers are not exactly produced and brewed by their distributor, but more like they hire small brewing companies to make the beer for them.  Of course, the good thing about hiring microbreweries to make the beer for you is that the products released by these microbrewers still follow the brewer’s strict standards and quality.

Possibly the best thing about private labeled beer products is that they are made as quality premium products.  This is essentially the intention of the private company who contracts the services of microbreweries as this is their ticket into competing with the ‘big boys’ of beer distribution.  Private label beers are often innovative and have richer taste and aroma that those with fine taste in quality beers will appreciate.  It is their unique taste, texture, and aroma that sets their product apart from beer that are mass produced.

Calgary Microbrewery Sales Strategies

Calgary craft beer is growing in popularity. However, microbreweries need to have marketing strategies to raise revenues. Winning the hearts of consumers does not always depend on producing quality craft beer especially with a tight competition. Creative Sales Strategies are important to leave a mark in a crowded market of beer brewing.

  • Start by building your own brand. Quality is the most important factor in Calgary Microbreweries. However even if you produce quality Calgary craft beers, those bottles are not going to end up at buyers’ carts without efforts. Branding and messaging helps in building a connection between the consumer and the product.

For products like craft beers in Calgary, building doesn’t end with having a unique name and logo. It’s a great effort to take into account what the company stands for and how it sees itself. Creating a brand that tells a story to the customers and stand out from the rest is like winning in the lottery.



  • Plan on your distribution options. To generate sales, you need to bring your beer to restaurants and stores that sell it. For newly built microbreweries, it’s tempting to work with established distributors but beware. Sometimes established distributor that sales varieties of products isn’t going to be the advocate for your brand than your own salespeople.
  •  Give social media a try. It may seem strange to introduce your beer products over the internet but it’s a good strategy. It can boost brand awareness and sales. Buying ads on Facebook will build a strong audience for beer-drinkers. It’s the target of Calgary Microbreweries. It also increases your word-of-mouth marketing and allows you to connect with your loyal fanbase.
  • Think outside the box. Calgary Microbreweries don’t have to depend on selling Calgary craft beer alone. It’s also possible to sell other products in connection with your main product. You can start introducing t-shirts, beer mugs, beer steins and other items with company logo. Starting a restaurant or beer-tasting room will definitely boost sales.
  •  Look for possible partners abroad. It may seem difficult for a local microbrewery to sell cases to other countries but it’s a good source of income. Some exporters are looking for craft beers. With the right distributor, who knows you can be the next beer millionaire.

Craft Beer Calgary: Top Reasons Why Should Drink It

What do you know about Calgary, Alberta craft beer? If you know very little to nothing about craft beer Calgary, you are missing out on a lot. The Calgary micro-breweries are small yet very independent companies that provide great-tasting beers at rates you can afford.

You might want to start counting how good these Calgary brewery tours are because you’re about to be taken for a magnificent world of craft beers and everything that it has to offer:

  • Calgary breweries produce great tasting beers. Compared to beer water or those that are mass produced, crafted beer offer better taste, considering that those experts who crafted them spent more time ensuring that it has a taste that will appeal to your senses.
  • Breweries Calgary definitely offers craft beer options that come with more alcohol content. Who would want to drink beer that tastes like water without the kick, right? Some craft beers are ever served with as much as 40% alcohol content – that would truly be a piece of heaven on earth!
  • Do you suffer from frequent trips to the bathroom when you drink regular beer? Thank heavens for craft beer because you no longer have to pee every ten minutes. Craft beer, because of its high alcohol content, will only make you drink a glass or two and you feel like you’ve drank enough.
  • Craft beer comes with more health benefits that you ever thought you could get out of a beer. In fact, some studies show that it is healthier than red wine. Every gulp comes with soluble fiber, Vitamin B and even antioxidants.
  • Perhaps the best thing about craft beer is that it comes in a wide variety of options. There are so many small-scare breweries in Calgary that picking which one to try can be quite a challenge. It is the kind of challenge that you’d like to take.Calgary Breweries,Calgary Beer,Calgary Brewery History,Calgary Brewery Jobs
  • And then you discover that every serving of craft beer comes at a much cheaper rate. Not only will it make you drink less but with the kick, but it allows you to spend less on it too.
Beer Calgary

Beer Calgary

Although the annual production of Micro-breweries Calgary is a lot smaller compared to those produced by large companies, they offer the same great experience in every gulp. What are you waiting for? You better get that craft beer today!

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